Quit 51

Stop smoking service

Tel: 0800 622 6968 (Mon-Fri 9.00-7.00pm Sat 10.00-2.00pm)

Text: ‘smokefree’ to 66777

Email: mailto:contact.quit51@nhs.net

Web: www.quit51.co.uk

Quit51 has been developed by experts and is delivered by specially trained and experienced personnel such as specialist smoking cessation practitioner and trained nurses and pharmacists.  The completely free service provides group therapy or one to one support which includes advice support and encouragement. Additionally, Quit51offers advice on the most effective medication and helps to change behaviours through motivational techniques that help clients achieve their objective of stopping smoking for good.  People are 4 times more likely to stop smoking for good using the service, than if they tried alone and unsupported.







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