Bee-Leaf Project HQ

Youth Mentoring Services

Tel: 01323 670784

At Bee-Leaf Project our vision is to help young people develop healthy, strong relationships that allow them to reach their full potential by creating a world in which children and young people’s social and emotional needs are better understood or met.

Bee-Leaf Project achieves this by offering one-to-one, group and professional mentoring programs to young people of all ages.

Bee-Leaf Project is successful because we are individualised and focus on individual needs.

Our services include:

  • Youth Mentoring (one-to-one or small groups)
  • Alternative education and in school support
  • Residential and foster placement support
  • Family support
  • Extra curricular activities and clubs
  • Thrive approach assessments
  • Training courses, webinars and consultancy services can be delivered face to face and remotely

For more information or to discuss your specific needs contact us to arrange a consultation.



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