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Do you feel like you would love to get out more and feel the fresh breeze on your skin? Get healthier, fitter and enjoy your freedom and independence?

This is where Easy Pedal Bikes can come to your rescue. We are a specialist cycle shop dedicated to electric bikes. With an electric bike you have all the benefits of a normal pedal cycle; no road tax, no MOT, easy and free parking, and a boost to your health and fitness, but with the added bonus of electric motor assistance where needed.

All of the bikes that we stock come with variable levels of assistance and power so that you can select the help that you need. Tired after a long day at work? Speed home on an electric bike from Easy Pedal Bikes. We only stock good quality trusted brands and our prices start from around £1000 for a folding bike. These bikes can be a great investment when you consider that they can replace a car for many journeys. A full charge of the battery costs only about 5 to 10p and with ranges from 25 up to 90 miles, depending on the battery, they offer fantastic value for money in the long run.

All the electric bikes come with integral lights, a stand and most have a built in lock as well. Most of the bikes we stock have a rear rack which makes luggage carrying easy and the shop sells a range of suitable attractive panniers and baskets. The beauty of an electric bike is that you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling, feel re-energised and also climb hills with ease and park your bike in the centre of town. Added to that they are enormous fun to ride, especially whizzing along uphill!

Opening Times

Tuesday – Friday: 10.00am – 17.30pm
Saturday: 10.00am – 17.00pm

Other times by appointment


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