Our new parking system is designed to make visiting us even simpler!

How does it work?

Drive through the barrier at the car park entrance as usual. There is no need to take a ticket!

A NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION camera, (ANPR), will register your cars number plate as you enter.

How do you pay?

CASH or CARD (All Contactless Payments)

When you’re ready to leave, enter your registration number at one of our pay stations and pay with card or cash. These are located outside the Collectors Market (cards & coins accepted, right money only, no notes) and at the entrance to the Shopping Centre (card, coins and notes accepted, change given).

Pay via Autobill

A Convenient parking system for regular visitors

Just register your vehicle and payments are taken automatically from your bank account.

Or pay via the APP

You can simply download the Flowbird Parking App,

•    Select Location
•    Choose Duration
•    Confirm Payment

About Automatic Billing

This online automatic billing system is perfect for regular users and is very simple to set up.

•    Register your Name, Vehicle Registration Number & Bank Details for payment.
•    Once registered the system will automatically recognize your car.
•    When you visit our car park, approach the Entry Barrier, the system will recognize you as a registered user and open the barrier.
•    When leaving, just drive to the exit, (no need to visit the pay terminal) and the barrier will open.
•    The system calculates the time you were in the car park and deducts this from your account monthly.
•    Service provided by Paythru, ISO 27001 compliance.

Create your account here:

Benefits of the Flowbird App

No more coins

No more waiting – pay from anywhere

The Flowbird app allows you to pay for your parking in 3 simple steps; find a location, pick a duration and make your payment.

GPS is used to automatically identify where you are parked, smart reminders are sent during your sessions so you can check the time you spend parked.


To find our car park by sat nav, input this postcode: BN21 1BD


Monday to Saturday

Up to 15 mins   £0.50

Up to 30 mins   £1.00

Up to 45 mins   £1.50

Up to 1 hr         £2.00

Up to 1 hr – 15 mins   £2.50

Up to 1 hr – 30 mins  £3.00

Up to 1 hr – 45 mins  £3.50

Up to 2 hrs  £4.00

Up to 2 hrs – 15 mins  £4.50

Up to 2 hrs – 30 mins  £5.00

Up to 2 hrs – 45 mins  £5.50

Up to 3 hrs  £6.00

Up to 4 hrs  £8.00

Up to 5 hrs  £10.00

Up to 6 hrs  £12.00

Up to 7 hrs  £14.00

Up to 8 hrs  £16.00

Up to 9 hrs  £18.00

Sunday –  Half Price

Night Charge

Monday to Sunday 6pm – 9am   £0.30/hr

Terms And Conditions

Parking with us is subject to the Enterprise Centre Terms and Conditions as Displayed.

Lost Ticket Charge   £18.00